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1/23/2015 3:04 pm  #1

Bike List

Hi, I am just looking for some advice on how the bike list works. When I create a bike list I am not sure how to add the points I need to the list. When I hold bike list and it says add points for some reason it doesn't give me all the points I need to add to the list just shows me a few. Hope this makes sense any help will be appreciated. Thanks


1/24/2015 9:36 am  #2

Re: Bike List


Bike lists can be build in a number of ways, the main method is to create the bike list, go into the bike list, then add points from there, the searching on that screen works a couple of different ways, selecting advanced allows for more filtering options like postcode etc, the listing will always be a small listing the number of returned points is governed by the limit list number in settings off the main screen, you don't want this number to be too big because it will slow the app down and use more memory, a figure of 200 is about right. Filtering by postcode makes the list more precise.

Bike lists can also be built from adding points from the revision screen, the trick to making this work is create a bike list, view the bike list, then in the revision screen, when you hit the + button at the top you have the option for adding to the bike list, this will add the current point to the bike list, the bike list must be open on the other screen for this to work.

Bike lists can also be dynamic, so on the add points from the bike list, the play button at the top will display points on that are on the the road you are currently on when out, you must have 3G this does not work on wireless only devices, so an iPhone works well, or an iPad with a 3G sim in it works too, the way this works is you only add what you find if that makes sense.

With bike lists, the key thing is to not treat it as a fixed list of what you have pointed, the revision process after pointing is the point where you decide if a point is pointed or not, by selecting don't know you are saying the point is unpointed, by saying correct you are saying the point is pointed.



Feel free to post enhancement requests for the apps, always looking for new ideas.

All the best

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