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3/13/2015 1:20 pm  #1

Books, Lists calling in the wrong order

There has been cases where the books, lists and runs get shown in the wrong order, if you want the order to be correct rather than random then do the following.

1. go into settings and switch off random calling.

2. go into each book that has an issue, click on the action button and select re-order lists, once on that screen drag and drop the books into the correct order by using the grey lines on the right hand side, if the books are already in the correct order, then move the first one to the second place and then move it back, this should correct the list ordering internally in the app.

3. do the same for the runs if they are out of order by going into each list, then clicking the action button then re-order runs, move the first one to the second place and then back again, do this for all the lists that have runs out of order.

4. once all the reordering has been done, goto the main books screen, press on the first book and select "Call book reset" the order should now be correct.


Feel free to post enhancement requests for the apps, always looking for new ideas.

All the best

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