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3/20/2015 7:18 pm  #1

Timed out runs

Inside the app is a schedule this is customisable by you or you can create new schedules, simply put the schedule moves on with every good call of a run and when you make a mistake it starts the schedule again, what this does is over time moves all the runs you get right all of the time to a wide schedule and the runs you keep on getting wrong will be presented much more frequently, this is what timed out runs is all about, this can be done by every run, per book, per list etc.


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6/03/2015 9:38 am  #2

Re: Timed out runs

Hi. Another question about timed out runs.

I often have more timed out runs than I have time to call over so it is possible to present the timed out runs in a different order? I want to make sure I call the runs that haven't been called over many times first. Is that currently possible?



6/04/2015 3:34 pm  #3

Re: Timed out runs

Currently the order they are presented is the order in which they timed out, not sure how complex it would be to add a new sort order to the screen, if it is not too complex I will add it in on the next version.

Feel free to post enhancement requests for the apps, always looking for new ideas.

All the best

6/04/2015 5:12 pm  #4

Re: Timed out runs



4/18/2020 4:32 am  #5

Re: Timed out runs

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