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9/22/2015 9:30 am  #1

Android - FAO Alex

Alex I know you've said you are developing the apps for android, my question is this. I currently have android phone but bought iPad for the apps, I prefer android devices but I will I have to purchase a separate subscription for the daily points to cater for the two devices or will it be a wzp file which can work on both devices ?


9/22/2015 4:31 pm  #2

Re: Android - FAO Alex

The android version is a long way off I have so much other work to do before I can focus on that, I have months of work on the current apps before I can even think about the android version because I have to stablise all the features on the current apps first, but once done you will only need one subscription.



Feel free to post enhancement requests for the apps, always looking for new ideas.

All the best

9/22/2015 7:49 pm  #3

Re: Android - FAO Alex

Cheers Alex

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2/28/2020 10:29 am  #4

Re: Android - FAO Alex

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