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1/17/2015 2:11 pm  #1

How pinning works

This is how pinning works in the app.

Most important thing to understand is at what point is the pinning process, it is the start, it is before you have pointed a point, so if you make a point pointed it is unpinnned because you don't need to pin it up (because is it pointed).

So all points arrive in the app unpinned and unpointed, by hitting the green correct button in the revision screen you are making a point pointed and unpinned.

Pinning should be done in waves, by this I mean when you first start pinning set the filter to > 500 times asked print out the list, set the pinned flag for those points, pin them up, if the map is looking light for points set the filter to > 200 times asked this time it will only give you the points that have been asked more than 200 times and less than 500 times (because of the previous filter), print the list out and then set the pinned flag. You basically continue this process until you have no more points to pin and point (you have got your req!).

By pressing don't know on a pointed point in the revision you are setting a point to un-pointed and un-pinned.

If you want to reset all your points to unpinned then the following command must be typed into the maintance/advanced box this action is not reversable so make sure you are happy that you are unpinning your points. The command is 

update tblpoints set pinned=0

then press execute on that screen.


Feel free to post enhancement requests for the apps, always looking for new ideas.

All the best

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