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1/10/2015 4:27 pm  #1

Revising all your pointed points as a complete set

The WizAnn points app allows you to create a single revision set of all your pointed points, once you have created this set you always use 'start from current position' to revise so it picks up where you left off, here are the instructions.

In the points app on the first screen (the one that says about daily point revision, weekly point revision etc), scroll down till you see 'Custom Revision Sets' click on it, near the top of the screen you will see a blue bar saying 'Build all pointed points list' press this, every time you press this it removes the previous version so it will remove you position in the list as well, so this only needs to be pressed once you have cycled right through all your points.

Once created revise it like a normal revision set, saving the set whenever you have had enough of revising I recomend revising 200-300 in a sitting or whatever amount you are happy with, but the important thing is when you come to revise the second or any time after the first revision, you must press and hold the set and choose 'Start at current position' selecting 'revise' or 'reset scores' will reset your position to the start of the set again.


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Feel free to post enhancement requests for the apps, always looking for new ideas.

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