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8/06/2015 5:09 am  #1

Upgrading your iPhone/iPad or IOS version

Both apps will move onto other devices, there is a few things to consider first, I would recomend this process for IOS upgrades too.

1. Don't rely on backups using either iCloud or iTunes backups to do the job for you, your data is too important, and both of these processes seem to skip open files and the one open file in both apps is your database containing all your work.

2. For this process to work you must have a PC/Mac available, I have really tried with Dropbox but there are too many issues, maybe one day I will be happy with it but today is not that day, I only recomend iTunes as the app to access the device.

Both apps have single files that contain all your work, the books app is simple the file name never changes its called wizannbooks.wbd, for the points app it is a file ending with .wza you may find a few wza files in your app folder, some of these are backups with numbers on the end these represent the different versions of the app, as the app creates a backup copy of your database when it detects a new version of the app being run for the first time, if you are unsure of which files are which copy them all.

For the books app read the following post

How to move/copy/backup the books database

For the points app read the following post

How to move/copy/backup the points database


Feel free to post enhancement requests for the apps, always looking for new ideas.

All the best

5/14/2020 6:06 am  #2

Re: Upgrading your iPhone/iPad or IOS version

Upgrading the version of your IOS version in the mobile phones or the systems are mandatory because of getting new features. In my viewpoint instantassignmenthelp review it will helps us in maintaining our IOS system and prevents from virus.


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