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10/18/2017 10:52 am  #1

Tips when dealing with second hand stuff

    Unless you are paid in cash, always wait for payment to clear before handing over goods. Remember, in some situations (particularly overseas payments) a payment could still be withdrawn by the bank after it has cleared. Talk to your bank for more information on this.
    If you are being paid cash, study the notes for signs of counterfeit by feeling the paper, studying the printing, checking the watermark and the metallic thread. More information on checking for counterfeit money is at the Bank of England web site
    If you are sending an item through the post, always obtain proof of posting and ensure the parcel is adequately insured against loss up to the full value of the item. The Post Office provides a "Certificate of Posting" for free, giving compensation for low value items.
    If you make a payment before receiving an item, you risk losing that money if the item never arrives or is not as described.
    If you have to make payment before receiving the item, consider paying via PayPal who will often provide compensation should you not receive the item or if it is significantly not as described.
    If you make a payment to someone by crediting their bank account via Internet banking or BACS, that payment cannot later be reversed.
    It pays to have an HPI check when purchasing a second hand vehicle. This check will help you determine whether a car has been clocked, stolen or is a repaired insurance write off.
    Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
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Re: Tips when dealing with second hand stuff



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