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11/10/2016 5:34 pm  #1

timed out points reset

how do i reset timed out points......i had to have some time off and they've increased by alot and id like to start afresh



4/03/2017 9:16 am  #2

Re: timed out points reset

HI, When you open the app select Books ( at the bottom of the app ) and at the top right hand corner is a box with a arrow tap that then settings, scroll down to reset scores, "WARNING" you will reset the app and remove all scores and start afresh, or ( I've not used it but had a look for you )  select the book your working on, you are now at the Actions for book screen scroll down and hit Reset timeout from the menu, its 4th from bottom.
I am still finding my way about the app but hope that helps.


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