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4/23/2016 8:31 am  #1

Points Database to excel

Hi Alex,

Is there away for me to export my points DB to an excel readable format?



5/04/2016 5:38 am  #2

Re: Points Database to excel

Not really, this was something that was possible a long time ago when it was a windows app but no one has asked for this in years, the actual database is a sqlite database so if you can find a way to open it in excel great but and this is a big but, it may corrupt your database, excel will not know how the tables inside the database are related, changing a piece of data might have very significant ramifications, even just opening it in excel might make modifications to the database.

If you can find a tool to open a sqlite database then exporting some tables to CSV format will make them viewable in excel but that data would never be able to be imported back into the database so it is export only. I don't know of any good tools to do this you will have to find your own.

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Feel free to post enhancement requests for the apps, always looking for new ideas.

All the best

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