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10/24/2015 6:06 am  #1

Apple IOS updates what you must do BEFORE updating


Please read this document if you are swapping devices, updating IOS, getting an upgraded device.

DONT RELY ON ITUNES BACKUPS for your data, key files are skipped quite frequently.

Some examples.

Both application. have been designed to store all the data you need in a single file, manually copying this file to a PC/Mac or another Apple device is key to keeping your sanity.

For instructions for the points app 
How to move/copy/backup the points database

For instructions for the books app
How to move/copy/backup the books database

Following these instructions are essential, I get a lot of students contact me about lost data, they fall into the following categories.

1. I upgraded my iPhone and traded in my old iPhone and I have lost my data.
2. I have lost my iPhone, got a new one and resynced my purchases and my data is missing.
3. I have upgraded the iOS on my device and my data has gone missing but the apps are still there.
4. I have a second device e.g. I have an iPhone and an iPad now how do I sync the data.

all four of these situations are covered by the manual backups above.




Feel free to post enhancement requests for the apps, always looking for new ideas.

All the best

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